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Marlborough Infant School

‘Together for Excellence’


Vision and Values

Our School Motto:         

'Together for Excellence'

Our School Values:


Inspiration                             Friendship                             Equality    


                    Courage                                   Determination


Respect                                     Excellence



Our Vision Statement: 

Marlborough Infant School.........


  • Expects that everyone will aspire for excellence, reflecting in the outcomes for all learners in our local and wider community.
  • Develops a self belief in our own abilities and those of others.
  • Values the learning opportunities that are experienced from a rich and diverse culture.
  • Provides memorable opportunities, allowing us to show and share our aspirations for the future.
  • Nurtures individuals in a safe, secure and welcoming environment.
  • Is fun, and makes us laugh and smile.
  • Is united with our community through a shared vision.
  • Dares to dream and takes the steps to living those dreams.