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Year R - Oak Class

This week:

All children and the adults were excited to be back in school after a wonderful Christmas holiday.  We started our week by discussing Christmas, presents, visits and meeting up with relatives.  Children had a go at writing a short sentence about their Christmas break.  For a few weeks, children will learn about changes in season, from autumn to winter.  Children will also learn about the arctic and antarctic regions and the animals that live there.  This week we learnt some facts about polar bears and penguins.


We are reading the book 'Supertato' by Sue Hendrik.  Children will learn about community superheroes, and healthy eating following the book about vegetable superhero 'Supertato'.  


In maths, children learnt the number six and different ways of making the number six. 







Last week:

Last week, children learned about number 4.  They learned how to make number 4 in various ways and spotted number 4 in and around the classroom.  Children also explored shapes with 4 sizes and the difference and similarities between squares and rectangles.j


In literacy, children always do phonics every day.  Some children are learning sounds and building words, some children are learning to read and write and some children are having a go at writing independently.  They are all at different stages but making progress steadily.  Please read at home with your child.  Not just the sounds that we send but other story books, poems and nursery rhymes.  If you come across a tricky word explain the meaning to your child, let them have a go at writing all the sounds they can read.  Reading and writing are two different skills.  Children can read easily but find recalling the sounds to write difficult but with practise it all becomes easy.

Next week:

Information about what your child will be doing in school next week will go here.

Other information: