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Year 3 - Hawthorn Class

Hello Hawthorn Class smiley

Things are changing at the moment, and I have been super busy!  This morning I spent some time phoning many of you, to check up on how you are doing and it was lovely to talk to some of you.  If you haven't had a call yet, don't worry, I will get to you soon!

This is because we want to let you know that we have not forgotten about you, and to ask if you need anything.  Lots of people I spoke to today said that you have been very busy with all the work I have put on here, which was really fantastic to hear!  Do call us at school if you have any questions - we are there and busily working.

I am not putting as much on here for you now, as I am so very busy with my little bubble of children at school, but there will still be some things available, so do keep looking.

Life is still so strange - but please don't forget how to do everything that you already keep trying

Take care

Mrs Houghton

A possible timetable to help organise home learning.

BBC Bitesize has many amazing lessons for you to choose from.  Have a browse, see what interests you.  There is always something to learn!
Two websites I have just found that are to do with stories and reading.  
Websites to use for any spare moments or personal interests.
Have you worked out how to get a Blue Peter Badge yet?  Look into the freebies you can get if you have one!