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Year 2 - Sycamore Class

This week

Maths homework pages 10 and 11 - twos, fives, threes and tens

                                                           14-15 - partitioning

Grammar homework pages 18 - 19 - Capital letters


Last week ( for those that missed it!)

Maths homework pages 12 and 13 - using a number line

20-21 - Number bonds 

Grammar homework pages 14 - 17 - Planets

Curriculum newsletter Spring term

Week ending 1st April


Happy April everyone!  I hope you all had a lovely Mother's day and enjoyed the lovely weather! Such a shame that it didn't last too long although I have high hopes for the holidays.


This week in Sycamore class


In English we have been looking at poetry and using verbs, adverbs, adjectives and nouns in a creative fashion to write our own!


In Maths we are just finishing learning about fractions and how to find a fraction of amount, we have also been looking at fractions where the top number (numerator) is more than one!


During the afternoon, we learned about Mary Secole and how her experience of the Crimean War differed from Florence Nightingale. We have also looked at keeping safe with medicines. 


This week we will be following the NSPCC lesson on keeping safe with our bodies, and in particular, knowing the 'pants policy'. This means that anything in our pants is private to us and we shouldn't be asked to touch or look at anything that is in someone's pants. We talk about what to do should someone ask us to do something which makes us feel uncomfortable. We watch a catchy video to help us remember the rules!

pantosaurus song


There is guidance for parents linked to this lesson:


Please click here for NSPCC information on keeping children safe


Home learning shououts!


Well done to those of you that have completed both sets of homeworks from the booklets this week.


Well done to those of you that have logged onto MyMaths this week. The study guides form the main part of the homework, but I do post activities online too, as an additional extra. These is no expectation to do both the books and MyMaths learning! I see Ethan, Flynn, Oriana, Lola, Nanuma, Canada, Poppy, Elicia, Oliver, and Sammy have all logged in this week!


Click here to go to the MyMaths website


I have finally been able to log into Oxford Reading Buddy to see who has read this week! I can see Ayana, Elicia, Flynn, Nana, Oliver, Oriana, and Sammy have all logged in this week.  


Just a reminder with the physical Read Write inc. books you might be getting sent home in from school. The children should be reading each book 2-3 times so you may notice they aren't changing them as frequently. Each time they read the book does count towards their 'reading jungle' points, so please do still log each time into their reading diaries! Also, please log any Oxford Reading Buddy books into the diaries as well as any other books they may read at home. A chapter or reasonable chunk of a book will count as 1 point also so long as they are written in each time. I'm keen to get as many to the 100 points mark on the chart before Easter!



Click here to go to the Oxford Reading Buddy website



***Star of the week***


Congratulations to Nana smiley He has really enjoyed learning about poetry and testing out the powerful words he has learned. He wrote a particularly good poem about animals this week! Well done


And for last week - Poppy! She has worked incredibly hard on her writing and ensuring only 1 or 2 ideas go in each sentence. She wrote a brilliant recount of our school trip and even included things such as possessive apostrophes and commas for lists, very impressive!