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Year 2 - Sycamore Class

Celebrating Children In Need 2020 with Pudsey and Blush!

Welcome to Sycamore Class laugh

I am absolutely thrilled with how many of you have been on Oxford Reading Buddy this week!   Well done and thank you!  Use both real books and this excellent resource to really progress quickly with your fluency and comprehension laugh


Look at the Science link below to see photos of this weeks Science lesson - building platforms with paper that hold books!





20.11.20   Your MyMaths homework this week is all about number bonds.  Practice adding and subtracting - you may want a pencil and paper by your side when you do this.

Well done and thank you to Musa, Lillian, Aden, Aaron, Lacey, Blake, Shanelle, Josh L-S, Rory, Advaita, Megan, Gifty and Logan who have all completed all MyMaths tasks!  You are working so hard and it is showing in class.  laughyes


Congratulations to Advaita for her Star of the Week certificate!  She puts so much effort into everything she does, showing such determination!  You really are a star Advaita!

Sycamore Reading Challenge

Thank you all so much for the amazing reading that you are all doing at home!  You are all making wonderful progress!

To encourage the children to get excited and motivated to read, here is our Reading Challenge!

ALL CHILDREN - 1.  Read with an adult.

                            2.  Ask them to write in your reading record, add details                                           about how you did - questions you asked and answered                                         will get you house points :) 

                             3.  Show Mrs Easthill in the morning and she will move you up                                     the chart...and award house points!

                             4.  Read 10 times and win a prize from the Prize Box!  laughyes