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Year 1 - Ash Class

Week Seven In Ash Class


As usual, all the children have been working very hard and have made me proud!

They have been busy writing and publishing their books and these have been put up on our English working wall.

When the display is taken down (during next half term),

the children will be able to bring them home for you to see their beautiful writing and illustrations. 

This week, the children have learnt how to subtract using a number line within 5/10/20 and 30

and they have all put in a great deal of effort.



Please support your child as much as you can with learning

Number Bonds to 10 and then 20 as this is the foundation of understanding numbers.   


A big WELL DONE goes to Istref and Devendra for being this weeks 




During the half term break, please help your child access the My Maths website to complete their Maths homework.

If your child has completed this already, that's FAB!


As usual, please read the weekly news letter as it will let you know lots of information about

what we have been doing in school, as well as which

team will have 'non uniform day' on the Friday of our week back to school.


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you,

the parents and families of the children in Ash class,

for your support with the children's home learning.


I hope that you have a restful half term break and

I'll see you all on the morning of Tuesday 3rd November.

Stay safe and well. 

Mrs B! xx




Maths Home Learning 

The My Maths Website


The children in Ash class have now been given logins and these have been stuck into the front of their yellow Reading Record Book. These logins will allow you and your child to access the activities that will be set for your child's Maths Home Learning. I will be setting these tasks on a Wednesday, every two weeks. 

The My Maths site will help your child in developing their understanding of maths through a variety of engaging activities, games and assessments. You will be able to support your child's learning by seeing what they are working on and checking their progress. 


How to access the My Maths website


Once your child has logged on, the Homework page will come up.

  • Select this page.
  • They can 'Try the lesson' before attempting the homework OR go straight onto 'Start homework'
  • Once 'Start homework' has been selected, the Q1 page of questions will be in front of you.
  • The children can complete page Q1 and page Q2.
  • When all the questions are completed, your child must select 'Mark it' (bottom left of page), then they can go onto complete page Q2.
  • Again, once this page is completed, select 'Mark it'.
  • The 'Total' page will give you their results.
  • They must select 'save' at the end of completing the questions.


I hope that you enjoy using this website. 




Spelling Words Friday 23rd October 2020


the                was          me        

a                    is            she

do                  his          we

to                  has          no

today             I             go

of                  you          so

said               your        by

says              they        my

are                be           here

were             he           there


Ash Class Caterpillar Reading Challenge




Mrs Baker                                         Mrs Young   




Ash Class Timetable 2020