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Spelling has a high priority in the year 2 curriculum, and in order for your child to write the words, they first have to be able to recognise and read them ‘at a glance’. Once they have consolidated this, they can then work on recalling the way they are spelled.

Ideally, reading and spelling of these words should be practised daily, and this needn’t always be written. Work with you child to read the words as much as possible; think about utilising pockets of time such as walking to school or waiting outside before school starts to practise them, or a quick reminder before bed. Because of the unusual spelling patterns, children need to see, say and write the spellings many times before they are remembered. It also pays to 'mix up' the order you practise them as children often come to remember the order, and to revisit old 'learned' spellings often.


Please see below for the Year 1 and Year 2 spellings your child will be practising at school.