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School Improvement

School Improvement

From our previous Ofsted inspection – July 2017, the following improvement areas were highlighted:


  • Improve the leadership and management of the school by ensuring that:
  • all leaders, including the headteacher, have an accurate view of the strengths and weaknesses of the school, particularly in teaching and learning
  • plans for improvement are based on an accurate view of what improvements are required and that staff understand these
  • leaders know how well pupils are learning in all subjects, not just mathematics and English
  • staff, including teaching assistants, feel well supported in their work and know what improvements they need to make to further pupils' progress.


  • Improve teaching, learning and assessment to secure good progress across the curriculum, by ensuring that:
  • planned learning takes account of and builds on what pupils know and can do, particularly in mathematics
  • the most able pupils make greater progress in all subjects
  • pupils' spelling and handwriting improve, so that more pupils, particularly boys, are working at the expected standard of writing
  • pupils, particularly in Year 1, use their phonics knowledge and other strategies to read with greater confidence and fluency


  • Improve and sustain pupils' attendance.


  • Improve the early years by ensuring that:
  • children develop their writing skills and phonics knowledge more accurately
  • planned learning takes account of what children know and can do, so that it is not too easy or too difficult
  • all areas of the indoor classroom provide children with interesting and stimulating opportunities to learn.