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Paired Reading

Many of our children who need some extra support with reading are following a 'Paired Reading' programme at school.

Paired Reading at Home


Paired reading can be carried out very successfuly at home. If it is done frequently and regularly it achieves very good results.

  • Your child is in charge of choosing the book.  
  • Yes, the book they choose may be too difficult, but they will get better at making a choice as you go on!
  • Between you, you and your child  decide on a 'change reader' signal; this might be a tap on the hand or the arm, or on the page of the book or the screen.
  • You begin by reading together; your voices are a chorus.  Your child's voice might be a second or two behind yours, but don't worry.
  • Encourage your child to signal that they will take over and read alone for a little bit; perhaps just a page.
  • If your child makes a mistake or pauses because they can't read a word, don't hesitate, just give them the word and join back in with the reaing again.
  • Ten minutes of paired reading is plenty.
  • Don't worry if, at first, you seem to be joining in with most of the reading, the more sessions you do, the more confidence your child will gain.
  • You don't need a shelf full of books at home.
  • Use the wonderful online reading books available on the OXFORD READING BUDDIES website; all our children have their login details.

Have Fun Paired Reading!