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Week beginning 16th November

This week we have worked on time connectives.  

We have written short diary entries for our school days, and fun weekend days.  We have put this with our work in PSHE on things that make us happy to write about our simple pleasures laugh  I hope you all have a weekend filled with little things that make you happy.  You could even write about them in your own diary entry!

Week beginning 9th November.

This week has seen lots of grammar!  Do you know your vowels and consonants?  

We have also been adding -ed to verbs to put them into the past tense (walk - walked) and we need to know all the little rules like ... hop- hopping (add another p), change - changed (only add d), cry - cried (change the y to ied) and some are just weird - teach - taught.

There is a worksheet below in case you would like to work on this more at home.

Week beginning 2nd November

We have begun to learn about diaries as a form of recount.  Children have read the beginning of diaries that told of the best and worst days ever!  We have looked at the mood of a diary, the way it is written in the first person (with lots of discussion as to whether it is a boy or girl) and how it tells where and when events are happening.